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My Favorite Farmhouse Kitchen Lighting

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This year I have been focused on DIY-ing this little 1950's Cape Cod into my faux fixer upper farmhouse.  When we bought this house 12 years ago it was in such bad shape (think split pea soup green appliances, tile and flooring in the kitchen and pretty much the same everywhere else), we didn't have the money to do everything exactly how we wanted.  We had to cut corners everywhere possible and one thing we definitely cut corners on was lighting.  Nipple lights.  Everywhere.  Not because they were ever pretty but because they were inexpensive and that was our jam.  So now I have been focusing on replacing some light fixtures in our house and I am loving all the pretty options available when your budget is more than $10.  

I had a lot of questions when I posted my top two choices for our kitchen on Instagram, so I wanted to compile a list here for you guys with the links and photos of my favorite lighting. And of course, these are budget friendly as well.  While I am totally jealous of those who can drop $400 on a lighting fixture that is totally not even near our price range.  So my frugal friends, here are some of my favorite budget friendly finds: 

Progress Lighting Gauge Collection

Progress Lighting Gauge Collection


This is one of my top two choices.  Because we have low ceilings, I can't have anything that hangs too low or the hubs will hit his head and I will forever hear about my poor lighting choice.  This hangs only 6.5" so it's perfect for those of us with low ceilings.  I love the industrial feel to this lighting as well.  And that graphite color will tie in well with the black accents on my shelf brackets and other accents in my kitchen.  


Allen and Roth Yordan Lighting

Allen + Roth Yordan Lighting

 This is the other lighting that was in my top two.  There is just something about this style I love right now.  Simple and fun and I just love Edison bulbs. This also comes in a bronze finish but I would do this nickle finish if I chose it as the kitchen lighting because it would tie in with my cabinet hardware and faucet. This is another perfect option for those with low ceilings. 


Kichler Barrington Lighting


This collection really stole my heart. It has several color options to choose from but the driftwood and anvil iron is by far my favorite.  This collection has it all from flush mount lighting to chandeliers to pendant lights. I wish there was an option for my kitchen but these all hang too low for our super low ceilings.  Super bummed about that but if you have a normal house with normal ceilings, these would be just fine for you.  Please get one and let me live vicariously though your amazing lighting.


Progress Lighting Gulliver Lighting

Another lighting fixture I adore but these low ceilings just won't allow.  I love the combination of wood and metal.  It has that modern farmhouse feel without being too cold or too industrial.  This would tie in so nicely with wood flooring or butcher block countertops. 



Fifth and Main Mercado Lighting

My fifth and last choice was this square style light with chicken wire-esque accent.  It is definitely the most rustic/farm style light on my list.  And while I love it and it would work for our space, I think this light was just a little too dark for our tiny space and was also at the higher end of pricing.  Although I do love the wood and metal accents, I'm not sure this would be enough to warm up our small space.  Nevertheless I do love the fun style.

Those were my top 5 kitchen lighting choices! I hope you love them all as much as I do.  I will be picking our kitchen light within the next few weeks and I cannot wait to share with you which one we are going with! Did you find one you love? Let me know which one is your favorite!

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